VK7 SOTA Association Goes Live

Well after many months of plotting, assessing, staring at maps, Google Earth, ARCView, etc the VK7 Association went live on 1 October 2014.

A huge thank you to Peter Freeman VK7PF who pushed to get VK7 up and going and is the region manager for the West Coast, South West, East Coast and North East areas of the VK7 Association.

The VK7 Association consists of eight regions:

  • West Coast – 173 Summits
  • South West – 171 Summits
  • Central Highlands – 89 Summits
  • North East – 78 Summits
  • South Coast – 62 Summits
  • North West – 48 Summits
  • East Coast – 47 Summits
  • North Coast – 27 Summits

There are a total of 695 summits in this first cut.

I estimate that there are about 10% more summits that we can identify so these will be progressively identified and added in future.

The final version 1.0 of the Association Reference Manual can be found at:


If there are any corrections to the manual or summit details then please let me know. and I will add it to the next VK7 update.

73, Justin, VK7TW

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