VK7/SC-001 – Mt Wellington Activation – 1/10/14

On the day of VK7 SOTA activation I took the afternoon off work and headed up to Mt Wellington VK7/SC-001.

Easy activation although the weather on the day was not kind. Rain, sleet and snow was experienced for the hour we were on summit. The wind as it always is on Mt Wellington was fierce!

The easiest way to meet the 25m vertical elevation is to drive up to the summit carpark – do the loop and then drive back down the road until you get to the first parking bay on the left hand side the road. This is below 25m and there happens to be a moustache painted on the road! Yes a moustache!

We parked in the first parking bay and walked over the top to the trig point. You could also walk up the road but you will need to be VERY CAREFUL doing this as there is very little space on the shoulder of the road.

Reuben and I found that there was an area between the little stone hut and the rocky outcrop at the top that was vaguely protected from the wind. we put up the HF vertical and started making contacts. The rain fortunately held off however there were bursts of sleet and some snow throughout the hour. There was still snow on the ground. So, I think I earned the seasonal bonus!!

Out of the wind with squid pole leaning up against the Dolerite (iron rich igneous rock!!)

Out of the wind with squid pole leaning up against the Dolerite (iron rich igneous rock!!)

I made seven contacts on 40m and tried on 2m but no response to my calls on that band. I was pleased that my second SOTA contact was Peter VK3PF – thanks mate!

Reuben and I packed up and walked back to the car getting the feeling in our fingers about  15m later…HIHI.

A huge thank you to all amateur who made contact with me on my first VK7 SOTA activation.

73, Justin, VK7TW

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