VK5/SE-005 Mt Lofty Activation – 13 & 17/10/14

On a recent trip to VK5 I decided with Son Reuben to head up to nearby Mt Lofty and try our luck at a VK5 activation.

We headed up the road past the three TV/Radio transmitters and parked in the car park and paid the obligatory $3 parking fee. We wandered down to the start of the car park and checked the elevation and we were below the 25m mark.

We wandered around the tracks just below the summit lookout and found a quiet spot with a seat and setup the vertical and radio. As it turned out we probably chose one of the worse HF conditions days this season! I made only three contacts in VK5 and VK3. This issue was also compounded by me not being able to self-spot via SOTAGoat due to a password reset issue I could work through at the time!

Celebrating Matthew Flinders discovery of Mt Lofty.

Celebrating Matthew Flinders discovery of Mt Lofty.

I decided to go back on the following Friday morning and try again and this time more success. I did self-spot when on summit and also thanks to Paul VK5PAS sending out the SMS alerts. I made 11 contacts with 8x40m, 1x30m, 1x20m and 1x10m contacts.

Thanks to all who contacted me.

Part way through one of the contacts I looked up and two kangaroos were looking at me! Then a Superb Blue Fairy Wren was flying around my feet! The weather was fantastic and I left the summit a satisfied SOTA activator!

73, Justin, VK7TW

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