VK7/SC-007 – Mt Faulkner – 1 August 2015

The weather was cold and there was snow forecast!

The ground on summit!

The ground on summit!

This summit is a real challenge to activate as it is surrounded by private land and the urban myth is that land owners really do not like bushwalkers walking through their land.

Fortunately, fellow ham – Murray VK7ZMS called me and asked if I was up for a trip up to Mt Faulkner as he had to make a trip to drop off a generator and fuel just in case the power went off due to snow. Murray’s company runs microwave link equipment from this location.

“hell yes” was my response. Grabbed the SOTA pack and headed to Murray’s and we went up. This involved a couple of locked gates which Murray had keys for and up some challenging four wheel drive tracks. We dropped off the fuel and generator and I grabbed some pics of the impressive tower and equipment. This tower also contains one of the  Hobart FM’s transmitters.

One of the many transmitter sites on Mt Faulkner

One of the many transmitter sites on Mt Faulkner

We then headed through another gate and up to the summit and this track certainly needs four wheel drive. The summit contains a fire spotters hut and a couple of other towers. Fortunately the turning circle is just below activation zone which meant I walked up and found a good location and rocks to push the squid pole into. I started unfurling the linked dipole and Murray’s comment was “you have got to be kidding – that wont work!!”. I proceeded to spot the summit and frequency and deal with the dog pile!

Well populated and Impressive town on the summit.

Well populated and impressive tower on the summit.

Fire Spotters hut.

Fire Spotters hut.

VK7RAF and other repeaters.

VK7RAF and other repeaters (I think!).

As the sun began to set and the fingers started to freeze up we decided to head back down.

Looking North as the sun was setting.

Looking North as the sun was setting.

I made 18 contacts on 7 & 14MHz and Murray was very impressed with my little wire antenna!

A huge thank you to Murray for the ride up to Mt Faulkner and thanks to those stations that contacted me.

73, Justin, VK7TW

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3 Responses to VK7/SC-007 – Mt Faulkner – 1 August 2015

  1. Tom VK7NTK says:

    Nice photography! Here I thought we were done with snow for the year…


  2. Bryan Watson vk7kwb says:

    Justin, where did you get that super flex wire (seen at Ross) Bryan vk7kwb


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