VK7/SC-006 – Collins Cap – 27 December 2015 Reprise

With the UTC year change over looming large Reuben VK7FREU and I decided to reactivate Collins Cap given neither of us have activated it in 2015.

The reason was two fold – firstly we needed to time how long it took us to walk the Myrtle Gully track from car park to East-West fire trail and secondly to activate Collins Cap in 2015 prior to reactivation on 1 January 2016.


On Collins Cap Fire Trail about to head up the track to Collins Cap.

On UTC year change over we are intending to activate Collins Bonnet (VK7/SC-002) and we did not want to take the Myrtle Gully – Collins Bonnet track as last time it was very overgrown and you were pushing through scrub for about 40% of the hour long walk!

There are two alternate routes – East-West fire trail or come in on the Big-Bend to Tom Thumb Track. Given we want to activate Collins Cap again in 2016 on the way back from Collins Bonnet – the East-West Track was the logical choice. It is slightly longer but a much easier walk.


LtoR: Collins Bonnet and Trestle Mtn with Collins Cap Fire trail.

It was great weather and it was a pleasure to walk. The wind on top of Collins Cap was cool and we setup the Hootchie (for the first time!) and sheltered behind it. There are plenty of small trees on top that you can lash the squid pole to.

We had lunch and then started operating on 40m and conditions were difficult and thanks to those who persisted. We did make a S2S with Matt VK1MA/3 which was excellent. Reu then suggested 10m and that was a great choice with many stations from VK2, 3, 4, 5 & 7.


Panorama – LtoR: Hobart, Mt Wellington, Collins Bonnet and Trestle Mtn.


Panorama – LtoR: Mt Wellington, Collins Bonnet, Trestle Mtn and Mt Marian.


Panorama – LtoR: Trestle Mtn, Mt Marian, Mt Charles and rain over New Norfolk.

A great half day walk and activation and thanks to all who contacted us and we are looking forward to our UTC year changeover activation.

Speak to you soon from a summit somewhere.

73, Justin, VK7TW

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