Nomination Backgrounder

Why am I willing to be a candidate for election as a director of the WIA?

Good question!

I’ll start with some background information….

I have been an amateur radio operator for the last 30 years, my callsign – VK7TW – previously VK5ZJV, VK7ZTW, VK7KTW and have been “active” since about 2004.

Current amateur radio interests include:

I have written the VK7 column for AR magazine since 2003. I collate and write the Sunday VK7 Regional News broadcast for 51 weeks of the year and have done this since 2004. I have held President, Vice-President and Secretary roles in the local club since 2004. I am also a WIA Assessor.

I was awarded the 2007 WIA – Ron Wilkinson Achievement Award, the 2010 WIA – Al Shawsmith Award with Rex Moncur VK7MO and the 2012 WIA – Al Shawsmith Award.

My formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Science (Geology and Geochemistry), Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management and Graduate Diploma of Public Policy and Management.

I started my working life in 1983 in a small private IT firm where I learned my computing/IT trade. I then went back to study then started working in the Tasmania State Government in 1993 and have worked in a range of roles including IT, Policy, HR, IR, Project, Change and Management positions. A couple of highlights have been the project management of major government system implementations and being a member of the team that introduced new state government employment legislation. I am currently a public service manager within the Tasmanian State Service, Department of Premier and Cabinet.

I am 50 years old, married and we have a 14 year old son, Reuben VK7FREU.

Back to the question of why I nominated?

I bring a skill set that I hope will be of value to the WIA especially in the area of inter-government relations, process re-engineering, project, change & financial management and legislative interpretation.

I am passionate about my hobby of amateur radio however, I also realise it is just a hobby.

I am also passionate about getting more young people interested in amateur radio and this was highlighted for me through a recent experience where I was involved in the Festival of Bright Ideas for Science Week 2016. This demonstrated to me that there was huge un-tapped potential for amateur radio in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) learning and promotion. We as a national organisation need to provide practical material to support STEAM teachers to integrate amateur radio into their primary, secondary and tertiary curriculum.

We need to continue to foster and build on the relationship we have with the Australian Communication and Media Authority and ensure we are in a stable, financial and strong position when the opportunities present and future World Radio Conferences. We need to be a strong advocate, contributor and supporter of the IARU in Region 3 and continue to build on the fantastic work of Michael Owen and the many others who work tirelessly in a volunteer capacity for our National organisation.

I am concerned about the slow erosion of our National body and declining membership. We can only survive with a strong and effective national voice to represent, advocate and educate existing and new amateur radio operators throughout Australia. We have a great foundation upon which to build thanks to those before us.

If you are a financial WIA member and you are concerned about our National body then please 1). Vote and 2). Carefully consider who you want representing you at Board level.

I will be attending the AGM in Hahndorf, South Australia and if you would like me to be a proxy at that meeting then please contact me as I have a pre-filled proxy form I can send you.

Catch you on the bands and/or a summit soon.

73, Justin, VK7TW

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14 Responses to Nomination Backgrounder

  1. vk5bje says:

    Hello Justin
    I think your expression of interest in becoming a WIA Director is excellent. We need Board members who are strategic thinkers, can develop a corporate plan for the institute and get it out to the members for comment and focus the Institute of the absolute core business: representing amateurs effectively to government, managing the deed with the ACMA and providing leadership to clubs and individuals who are passionate about attracting newcomers to the hobby. But perhaps the most important task is to attract active amateurs, like you, to fulfil more of the volunteer roles. There have been unrealistic expectations on the Board in the past. This needs to be dealt with in a corporate plan that is widely circulated and discussed at the Clubs. And it goes without saying (almost) that the Institute should be properly governed and managed. I wish you every success in the election and hope to see you in May.

    Best wishes

    John D

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    • vk7tw says:

      Thanks John, wholeheartedly agree, strategic, tactical and operational planning in place under an improved governance structure should be a primary goal for the board. See you in Hahndorf. 73, Justin, VK7TW

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  2. Chris says:

    Hi Justin,
    I am pleased that you are standing for the WIA board as I am confident that you will represent all Amateur from Foundation to the Advanced members of our hobby. I can honesty say you are one of the most committed individual that I know and you will make a great member of the WIA board and bring back unity to the organization.
    Best of luck


  3. Rob Gurr VK5RG says:

    Thanks Justin.
    You are high on the list.
    Rob VK5RG


  4. Andrew Russell says:

    Great news Justin!
    See you at the AGM. (leave pass approved)
    73, Andrew VK5CV

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  5. Hans Smit says:

    Hi Justin, you’ll get two votes from us… 73, Hans VK5YX & Lesley VK5LOL.


  6. Hi Justin, one word .. Great.. VK5HEL


  7. Dan says:

    Well done on your election as a WIA director. I joined the WIA when I got my license a couple of years ago but let my membership lapse last year due to all the dramas. I have felt a bit guilty about this as I have always felt that I should be a a member to support the WIA’s activities. With the change of regime that is now occurring I have just renewed my membership. Take that as a sign of my support.


    • vk7tw says:

      Thanks Dan,
      Welcome back, the new board will certainly be putting the focus back on amateur radio and continue to build-up this great hobby.
      73, 7TW


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