Son of Wally who was VK5TW (victor kilo five tango whiskey) Silent Key (May 2012).


Studied using Ian Ridpath’s (ZL1BCG) study material and sat the regulation and Amateur Operators Limited Certificate of Proficiency (AOLCP) theory exam in September of 1986 and settled on the callsign VK5ZJV (victor kilo five zulu juliet victor), referred to as a “Z” call. This licence allowed me operation on amateur bands above 52MHz (VHF).


Moved to Tasmania in 1992 and changed the callsign to VK7ZTW (victor kilo seven zulu tango whiskey).


Passed 5wpm morse exams in early 2001 and upgraded to an intermediate licence, referred to as a “K” call (VK7KTW victor kilo seven kilo tango whiskey). Passed the 10wpm morse exams in August 2001 and was issued with the Amateur Operators Certificate of Proficiency (AOCP) and now have the callsign VK7TW victor kilo seven tango whiskey.


Became President of the Southern Branch of the Tasmanian Division of the Wireless Institute of Australia.


Became Broadcast Officer and Editor of VK7 Divisional News in National Amateur Radio Magazine.


With the creation of the National WIA and the demise of the state Divisions. The Southern Branch morphed into the Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania Inc (REAST).


  • Member of the Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania Inc. (REAST) – President from 2002-2007, 2020 & 2021. Secretary (2012 & 2013).
  • Member of the Wireless Institute of Australia – Past President & Director May 2017 – May 2019.
    • 2007 WIA – Ron Wilkinson Achievement Award Recipient.
    • 2010 WIA – Al Shawsmith Award.
    • 2012 WIA – Al Shawsmith Award
  • Member of WICEN Tasmania (South)
  • Member of the VK QRP Club #596.
  • VK7 (Tasmanian) Amateur Radio News and News Coordinator since 2003.
  • VK7 Amateur Radio News Column Writer from Amateur Radio Magazine from 2003 to 2020.
  • SOTA Association Manager for VK7
  • Member of the Northern Tasmanian Amateur Radio Club (NTARC)
  • Member of Adelaide Hill Amateur Radio Society (AHARS)
  • Member of Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club (RAOTC)

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  1. webmaster says:

    Hello Justin. Just came across this blog and wanted to let you know that I am Ian Ridpath (ex ZL1BCG) the author of the Amateur Radio Study Guide. I moved back to Canada in 1988 and now reside in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. My Canadian callsign is VE3EAN but I am not active on the air anymore. Nice to see this connection after so many years! Regards and 73, Ian


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